WGH-30A Double-Beam Infrared Spectrophotometer

WGH-30A Double-Beam Infrared Spectrophotometer 

Major characteristics:
Double blazed grating with high energy
USB interface
Major data processing functions of the instrument
Record of spectrum background baseline
Smoothing operation of spectrum data
Differential coefficient operation of spectrum data
Calibration of spectrum background baseline
Calibration of spectrum baseline tilt
Arithmetic operation of spectrum data
Accumulation operation of spectrum data
Management of spectrum file
Expansion of spectrum scale
Conversion between %T and ABS
Detection of spectrum peak
Expansion of spectrum absorption
Shape and dimension: 740*610*270 (mm)


Range of wave number4000-400cm-1
Precision of wave number≤±4cm-1 (4000-2000cm-1)

≤±2cm-1 (2000-400cm-1)

Resolution1.5cm-1 (1000cm-1around)
Transmittance precision±0.2%T (exclude noise level)
Flatness of I0 line≤±2%T
Stray light≤0.5%T (4000-650cm-1)

≤1%T (650-400cm-1)

Test mode3 modes: Transmittance; Absorbance; Single beam
Scanning speed5 steps: Very fast; Fast; Normal; Slow; Very slow
Slit programVery wide; Wide; Normal; Narrow; Very narrow
Response4 steps: Very fast; Fast; Normal; Slow
Work mode3 modes: Continuous scan; Repeating scan;

Scan with fixed wavelength

Expansion of horizontal and vertical coordinateArbitrary

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