GC102AF Gas Chromatograph

GC102AF Gas Chromatograph

Main Technical Features

● PC control, user-friendly interface, and easy to operate.

● Temperature control is of high accuracy (better than ±0.1℃). Heating speed is fast and overshoot temperature is small.

● Self-diagnosis, power protection, oven over-temperature protection, and automatic ignition.

● It can accurately display the temperature control settings, actual value, and FID amplifier sensitivity.

● The single gas system and precise scale pneumatic control valve contribute to excellent reproducibility and stability and can perform analysis of packed column.

● Packed column: on-column injection, instantaneous vaporization injection, gas injection.

● Open computer system and NJ2000 chromatography workstation can work together to process data.

● Large capacity oven (300mm×280mm×270mm) facilitates the installation of packed column.

● Built-in heating wire structure

Temperature Control

● Temperature area: column oven, sampler, detector

● Temperature range: 15℃ ~399℃ above room temperature (increment: 1℃)

● Temperature accuracy: better than ±0.1℃ (measured at 200℃)

Flame Ionization Detector (FID)

● Detection limit: Dt≤1×10-10g/s (octane and hexadecane)

● Baseline drift: ≤2×10-12A/h

● Linear range: ≥106

● Max. limit temperature: 400℃


● Voltage: 220V~±22V 50Hz±0.5Hz

● Power: ≤1500W

● Package size: 945mm×655mm×750mm

● G.W.:70kg


● N2000 chromatography workstation

● Packed column

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