MFP 640 Flame photometer 

MFP 640 Flame photometer  

FP 640 Flame photometer 
Product Features
1. K, Na can be tested simultaneously , it also can test the lithium element.
2. LCD display, digital direct reading, accuracy higher than 6400A Flame Photometer.
3. With optional size of the flame function and automatic flame-out protection device.
4. Pre-selection of flame sizes;
5. A flameout protection device;
6. Gas: Liquefied petroleum gas. 
Main technical index
Stability: 15 seconds of successive feeding with standard solution, instrument reading indication excursion ≤ 3%
Test once every minute, a total of 6 times, the instrument reading indication excursion: ≤ 15%.
Repeatability: Conduct 7 consecutive independent tests for one standard solution, the relative standard deviation: ≤ 3%.
Linear Error:    K: ≤ 0.005mmol/L(0.0100~0.0800)mmol/L;
Na: ≤ 0.03mmol/L(0.0500~0.400)mmol/L.
Detection Limit:  K: Detection limit ≤ 0.004mmol/L; 
Na: detection limit ≤ 0.008mmol/L
Response time: <8s
Suction Jet of Samples:  <6mL/min 
One complete Set includes: 1. One host
2. One air compressor
3. One set of accessory 
Normal working conditions
1. Ambient temperature: 10 °C ~ 35 °C
2. Relative humidity: ≤ 85%
3.The instrument should be placed horizontally on table with no vibration, avoid direct exposuring to bright light, keep away from  strong electromagnetic interference, no strong airstream. 
4. Power supply: 220 ± 22V, frequency: 50HZ ± 1 HZ, with good ground connection.
5. Rated power: 30W

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