S10 High-speed homogenizer

MINI Hand- held homogenizer   S-10
S10 high-speed homogenizer features: high speed, light weight, no transformer, can be freely used. The standard 316L stainless steel dispersing head is 10MM, which can be removed without tools. The cleaning is quick and convenient. The quick connector is used to easily replace the dispersing head.

2. Technical parameters:
Rated working voltage; AC220V- 50HZ / 60HZ
Motor input power: 160W
Speed: 5000-35000rpm
Speed display mode: 7 gears
Speed regulation: stepless speed regulation
Capacity: 5ml-250ml
Random working head configuration: 10mm
Machine weight: 1Kg
Minimum processing capacity (water): 1ML (requires optional 6mm stainless steel blade)
Processing capacity (water): 250ML
Maximum viscosity: 5500MPAS
Noise: less than 50DB (A)
Protection method: IP30

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