PH-100DN digital Microscope

PH-100DN digital Microscope

PH-100 Series Digital Microscope Main Technical Parameters

Digital imaging system: imported chip, 2 million to 20 million pixels, signal output: USB2.0/usb3.0

Image software functions: manual / automatic exposure, manual / automatic white balance, photo, video, image editing, measurement, image color adjustment, image overlay, particle counting, etc.

Optical magnification: 40X-1600X

Viewing head: digital compensation free binocular head, 30°inclined, 360° rotatable, interpupillary distance 48-75mm

Eyepiece: Wide field, diopter adjustable, WF10X/20mm, WF16X/15mm

Objective: Achromatic/ Plan Achromatic/Infinity Plan Achromatic 4X, 10X, 40X (Spring), 100X (Oil ,Spring)

Nosepiece : Quadruple, four holes inward ,steel ball positioning

Working Stage : Double layer mechanical moving stage, can hold two slice clips

                          Size 160×142mm , moving range 76×52mm

Focusing system: coaxial coarse and fine focusing knob , coarse adjustment 22mm, fine adjustment 0.002mm

Condenser: Abbe condenser, N.A.=1.25, iris diaphragm

Light source: LED, 3W, Compound eyes lighting, adjustable brightness

Power : external switching power supply, AC100-240V

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